Our Vision: “A nation that is a peaceful society where the essence of mediation and conflict resolution is pervasive and growing through the language of collaborative consensus.” 

Our Mission: “To create a culture in Trinidad & Tobago of promoting peaceful interventions and harmonious relationships in the settlement of disputes.To this end, members of the public are encouraged to learn more about mediation as an effective conflict resolution tool.”

Our Core Functions:

Section 5 of the Act establishes the Mediation Board as a body corporate charged with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining standards to be observed by Mediators and mediation trainers, approved mediation agencies and accredited mediation training programmes. The Mediation Board is therefore responsible inter alia for:

(a) formulating standards for the accreditation of mediation training programmes and their accreditation;
(b) formulating standards for the certification of mediators and mediation trainers and the certification of such mediators and trainers;
(c) monitoring accredited mediation training programmes;
(d) enforcing the Code of Ethics for certified mediators;
(e) investigating and disciplining certified mediators in accordance with Disciplinary Regulations.