Annual Symposium 2017 - Reframing Our Reality
Achieving Social Justice Through Mediation.
OUR MISSION : “To create a culture in Trinidad & Tobago of promoting peaceful interventions and harmonious relationships in the settlement of disputes.To this end, members of the public are encouraged to learn more about mediation as an effective conflict resolution tool.”
OUR VISION : “A nation that is a peaceful society where the essence of mediation and conflict resolution is pervasive and growing through the language of collaborative consensus.”

What is Mediation?

Mediation means a process in which a mediator facilitates and encourages communication and negotiation between the mediation parties, and seeks to assist the mediation parties in arriving at a voluntary agreement.

Conferences & Projects

The Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago has been hosting Annual Mediation Symposia since 2010. Over the years it has incorporated Annual Art Competition for children between the ages of 7 to 17 and a Secondary Schools'  Mediation Debate Competition. The Mediation Board has also collaborated with the Tobago House of Assembly to host bi-annual Peace Summit and Peace Awards-Champions of Peace with the aim of creating a regional peace-hub in our sister isle of Tobago. In order to further widen the scope of Mediation and enhance mediation skills of our certified mediators, we've recently launched a mentorship programme and a Peer Mediation Project for our nation's schools.


Reports & Speeches

The Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago aims to provide comprehensive reports to assist in the transparency and accountability of its operations. The Chairman and Members of the Mediation Board deliver speeches at various functions in partnership with other organisations with the view of sharing information on the usefulness and effectiveness of mediation.


Certification & Standards

The Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago is a body created by the Mediation Act of Trinidad and Tobago No. 8 of 2004. Its main function is the certification of Mediators, Mediation Trainers, Training Programmes and Mediation Agencies. It regulates the Mediation Profession by setting standards, compliance with the Code of Ethics and disciplining Mediators that may breach the Act.


The Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago (“the Mediation Board”) is a corporate body established by the Mediation Act 2004 (“the Mediation Act”). The Mediation Board performs and exercises various regulatory functions and powers under the Mediation Act which includes: Formulating standards for the accreditation of, and accrediting, mediation training programmes, mediators and mediation trainers, enforcing observance of the Code of Ethics for certified mediators, revoking any registration where the requirements for registration are no longer met.

As a matter of policy, the Mediation Board envisages creating a vibrant culture for mediation in this jurisdiction where disputes and conflicts at every level of our society can be resolved peacefully through mediation.



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